long-term behavioural change through tailored training solutions

Utilising data from our Capability Audit™ as the first step in assessing performance levels, we are able to design and build a tailored, flexible learning solution for a number of designated populations within your organisation. We combine cutting edge delivery methods with the latest thought leadership, creating learning pathways that transform individuals, teams and organisations for sustained performance improvement.

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Communication Style Inventory™

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Learning Academy™

Cutting edge design and delivery methods


delivering evidence-based feedback is pivotal for performance improvement

Feedback is an integral component to improving performance. Interact’s unique and rigorous approach to feedback is at the core of what sets our delivery apart - whether this is delivered face-to-face or online.

Respectful , insightful, safe, exact 

Our RISE principle takes our approach to feedback into the nuances of human behaviour. Our trained behavioural specialists identify, analyse and interpret insights, building a relationship with each individual to create measurable outcomes for change.


Transport for London

Transforming culture from operational to service-led, delivering for over 5000 participants in over 48,000 participant days.


Royal College of General Practitioners

Celebrating over ten years of partnership for assessments.

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Sharp focus on Presence and Impact and Executive Coaching.