Volkswagen required the expertise of a training consultancy that was committed to designing and delivering long-running learning programmes to help Volkswagen’s people develop their attitudes, behaviours, and communication skills.



  1. To ensure that Volkswagen increases its market position

  2. To equip staff with the attitudes, behaviours and communication skills to effectively operate in the sector

  3. To achieve a step change corporate culture


Volkswagen approached Interact in 2006 to design and deliver a number of development solutions. We have been working with Volkswagen since then to produce effective learning for all levels of staff – from new starters, through middle and senior management, up to board level.  

The programme that we designed and delivered is a suite of highly impactful and engaging face-to-face learning initiatives ranging from bite-size executive coaching sessions to three-day deep dive behavioural development workshops.

Topics include effective communication, influencing upwards, downwards and across, graduate development, sales and negotiation, team development, learning to lead, personal brand, living corporate behaviours, managing conflict, handling difficult behaviours, managing performance, and impact and presentation.


The success of our programmes has ensured our solid and long-standing relationship with Volkswagen. Feedback for our courses regularly scores five and above out of six on the company’s learning curriculum index.

Anecdotal feedback includes ‘Perfect workshop; agile enough to meet all of my requirements’ and, ‘The training proved successful in so many ways. It was fantastic.’

Interact consistently scores the highest marks for their training and development interventions.
— Jaime Chahal, Head of Talent