With a new system of assessments for newly qualifying General Practitionerss the Royal College of General Practitioners introduced a module to extensively test the candidate’s ability to deliver person-centred care and the effectiveness with which they communicated with their patients.



  1. Create realistic situations of real-life situations to test a doctor’s ability to gather information and apply learned understanding of disease processes

  2. Ensure the exam is delivered with absolute consistency, ensuring a level playing field for all candidates

  3. Build the logistical and operational structure to

    effectively and fairly test 3600 candidates per year


To ensure the required coverage to engage up to 46 actors per exam day, Interact has trained up a cohort of around 600 medical role-players for the RCGP, mirroring the breakdown of the GP-visiting population in the areas of age, ethnicity and physicality.

Rigorous selection and training programmes ensure that these role-players are able to meet the stringent requirements of a high-stakes exam in terms of realism and consistency of character portrayal.

Our proprietary software is designed to allow precise casting at scale, managing multiple assessments at one time.


The Royal College of General Practitioners has been in partnership with Interact since 2007.

We pride ourselves in our relationship and ability to deliver scale assessments for these critical examinations.

We are proud to have achieved a partnership for over a decade with such an important client.

Interact’s processes for role-player selection, training, quality assurance, remediation and (if required) de-selection are absolutely robust. They pride themselves on their reputation in commercial role play in both training and assessment environments. Interact is very risk-averse in terms of anything that would tarnish their market-leading position, and thus they ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure their customers’ needs are met in full.
— Professor Rich Withnall, RCGP Clinical Lead for MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment