An Interact management development workshop comprises captivating practical interventions such as bespoke dramas, breakout practice sessions and facilitated reflective exercises.

Our approach is designed to respond to individuals’ development needs. While one manager could benefit from developing a stronger rapport with a team, another’s key challenge may be delivering difficult feedback. Our approach enables each participant to practise and develop skills that will make a significant difference to his or her capability as a manager.

Our highly trained actors are able to play back the signature characteristics of the way people express themselves. This unique skill allows participants to experience for themselves how they come across to others.

Case Studies



The BBC’s Factual and Learning Department was looking to implement and support a cultural change across the BBC. Given the close fit of the BBC with Interact, with creativity at the heart of both organisations, Interact was awarded the contract to roll out this important programme.


To gauge the level of enthusiasm and attitudes towards this initiative, Interact first conducted a series of research exercises, including a Linguistic and cultural audit, focus groups and telephone interviews.

Following this, a series of awareness raising and change-championing roadshows were conducted for 60-80 participants. These events involved a series of to-the-point, but humorous scenes played out by actors dealing with the need for change. Roadshows were used as an initial discussion point, highlighting the need for listening to staff on the ground.

A series of more intimate workshops followed for senior managers, managers and non-managers. Participants worked to address the practical application of delivering difficult messages, creativity in leadership, personal impact, interpersonal skills, performance management responsibilities, influencing and negotiation and writing and delivering presentations.


Interact engaged over 2000 staff members across the entire programme across 100 sessions. Interact’s experiential approach created a shift in participants’ attitude towards the change programme.

BAA (Heathrow) - Supervisor Training


Interact have worked with BAA, now Heathrow, for over 12 years delivering multiple programmes in communication and impact skills for managers and leaders. This requirement was to design and deliver two of six modules in the Learn to Manage programme for the organisation’s first and second line management population. The design was to be practical, interactive and based on real work scenarios.


Interact designed two one-day workshops, Managing Myself and Managing Others. The first utilised a combination of interactive exercises, pure theatre, discursive tools and free practice, to raise awareness of participants’ default communication style. To build communication skills, participants practised scenarios of their own choosing and were given practical feedback from facilitators, actors and peers.

Managing Others focused on how to hold effective meetings and deal with disciplinary and grievances. The course included the introduction of the GROW model, effective tools to manage in the moment, scripted scenarios and individually-tailored practice sessions.


Participants reported an increased confidence in their ability to hold performance reviews, as well as manage tough in the moment situations.

In addition to delivery at Heathrow, Interact rolled out the Managing Myself and Managing Others courses to Glasgow and Southampton Airports.

BAA commissioned Interact to deliver a Communication and Personal Effective programme plus courses on Presentation Skills and Delivering Difficult Messages.

Ofsted - Equality and Diversity


Ofsted required a management development programme focused on equality and human rights for its senior managers, both internally and with external stakeholders.


Interact designed and delivered a multi-faceted solution combining research-based dramas with impactful and interactive exercises that explored the Ofsted competency framework and how it related to equality issues in the workplace.

The course was centred around two forum theatre scenes. The first showed four characters attending a meeting where they actively avoid taking responsibility for understanding gay rights in the organisation. The second showed a senior member missing opportunities to support a bullied colleague, and to challenge a senior peer. The participants then practise interacting with the characters and receive developmental feedback on their communication and management skills.


Participants reported a significant development in being able to challenge inappropriate behaviours, effectively deliver difficult messages and challenge both peers and reports in a manner that is supportive and constructive.

Over 91 percent of participants said they felt confident they could effectively manage, and challenge, in terms of equality and human rights.

Following the success of the roll out to the senior managers of the organisation, the workshop was then delivered to the entire middle manager population.