Interact helps participants to gain a better understanding of customer needs by allowing them to step into the shoes of service users. This could be a passenger delayed for security reasons; a patient receiving a diagnosis from their doctor; a bank customer making a complaint over the phone. Whatever the situation a better understanding of the service-user experience leads to far more meaningful and useful interactions with customers.

Our programmes also pay attention to the staff’s perspective. We provide resilience training, develop stronger teams and enable improved communication between colleagues, all with the ultimate aim of achieving customer service excellence.

Case Studies

British Airways - Customer Service


British Airways commissioned Interact to deliver a customer service programme for all ground staff across the world.


The programme, entitled ‘My Life’, was tailored specifically for staff members who were resistant to change and who had deeply ingrained working practices. To respond to the 24-hour shift system, Interact provided three, six-hour workshops starting at 6am and running throughout a six-day week. The programme included a highly engaging and practical workshop using drama and interactive learning techniques in scenarios specific to British Airways, really bringing to life the impact a poor level of service has on its customers and stakeholders. Sitting alongside this customer service training were skills development workshops and awareness raising events, to really allow participants to practice flexing their customer service style.

In support of this programme was a magazine called ‘My Life’, to mirror the British Airway’s customer magazine ‘High Life’. ‘My Life’ was first produced by Interact and was aimed at the ground staff who were attending the Customer Service Training.


‘My Life’ magazine went on to become the in-house staff magazine and was credited as winning the hearts and minds of staff whose thinking was typically highly institutionalised.

The training programme was delivered throughout British Airways hubs in the UK and the United States.

Imperial - Patient Experience


The Trust required a highly effective change programme that would significantly improve customer care.


Interact designed, delivered and evaluated a bespoke programme to develop the attitudes, behaviours and communication skills of staff at every level in the organisation. Training was delivered to Healthcare Assistants, all grades of nurses, the 80 most senior post holders at the Trust, all levels of doctors as well as porters, receptionists and administration staff.

Dramatic scenes were used to reflect examples of poor customer care and used alongside Forum theatre to explore what excellent customer care looks like. Participants practised flexing their communication styles in scenarios brought into breakout groups by the participants. Evaluation was conducted through Interact’s voting technology that allows facilitators to respond directly to participants’ thoughts and opinions.


The Trust received 50% less complaints relating to staff attitude following the training.

Imperial moved from 16th to 4th place in London for patient experience scores in the National Outpatient Survey and the Trust’s National Inpatient Survey showed the Trust “performed significantly better on 13 patient experience questions” compared with the year before. Feedback questionnaires following Awareness Raising events show 86% of participants rated it ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’.

TfL - Customer Service


London Underground’s shift to a service-orientated organisational culture involved extensive changes to the ways of working for over 5000 station staff. A central part of this was the requirement for a five-day customer service programme for all station staff.


In order to equip staff with the skills and knowledge required to deliver excellent customer service, Interact’s design and delivery encompassed the broad range of interactions customer service assistants experience with internal and external stakeholders.

A rigorous four month research phase involved in-depth stakeholder interviews, shadowing customer service assistants and utilising a review group of a cross-section of staff who reviewed scripts and course designs. 200 staff were assessed against the organisation’s leadership competencies ahead of a course pilot to truly test the course design.

The five-day programme focussed on winning participants’ hearts and minds to embrace change and providing an opportunity to practise their customer service skills opposite actors playing a range of characters with varying needs. The course was high practical and involved break-out groups where participants could support their fellow colleagues.


Over 80% of staff felt more confident in providing excellent customer service and over 90% in providing to those with accessibility needs.

The course surpassed all targets set by London Underground, and this approach to training has now been rolled out across the business.

Following its success, Interact won the following industry awards:

  • Learning Technologies Awards Best Learning Game (Gold)
  • Princess Royal Training Awards Excellence in Training
  • Training Journal Awards Best Customer Service Programme (Gold) and Best Use of Technology in Learning (Silver)
  • E-learning Awards Best use of blended learning (Gold)
  • Personnel Today Awards Excellence in the use of HR Technology (Gold)