We invite leaders to step outside of their organisation to gain new perspectives and insights. By crafting immersive simulations and highly practical exercises, we test leaders’ communication and strategy.

Interact’s highly experienced facilitators provide detailed feedback on leadership qualities and approaches.

Over 21 years of business we have been commissioned to deliver a wide range of programmes. Our emphasis is on developing storytelling abilities, influencing and negotiation skills, and communicating authenticity and purposeful leadership.  

Personal impact and presentation skills course are also designed bespoke for leaders at all stages in their careers. 

Case Studies

Allianz - Excellence Programme


The Excellence Programme is Allianz’s annual leadership development programme for senior executives who are preparing to move up to country board level. Allianz asked Interact design and deliver three modules.


  • Module One: individual communication coaching sessions, presentation skills training and master classes on individual presence, understanding language through poetry and influencing upwards

  • Module Two: individual communication coaching sessions, master classes on presenting as a team and handling Q&A sessions and providing feedback to teams

  • Module Three: individual communication coaching sessions, running project rehearsals and debrief on performance

Each module was delivered with a two month break in between to ensure participants to could apply their learning as they progressed and report back at the next module on their successes.

Interact also provided executive coaching support to participants’ individual learning journeys. This coaching focused, not only on the participants strategic thinking, but importantly on the messaging that leaders were expected to deliver to internal and external stakeholders. During the coaching, leaders practised their communication skills opposite the Interact coach and received in depth, detailed feedback about their impact and personal leadership style.


This programme has been re-commissioned every year for the past seven years and is Allianz’s highest scoring L&D programme.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Development Clinics


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office required the design and delivery of a development clinic for its senior managers. Following on from a skills assessment session, these clinics were to provide coaching that would enhance people management, influence and communication skills.


Interact’s practice-based approach enabled these high potential senior leaders to face situations they identified as challenging. In a one-to-one setting, the Interact coaches played the characteristics and behaviours that the managers identified. Forensic feedback was delivered by the coach about the nuances of each participant’s behaviour and language so that they could then practise using alternate strategies and approaches.

In preparation for these sessions, participants filled out a pre-session questionnaire about their strengths and development needs, and held a pre-session meeting with their line manager in order to agree their coaching objectives.


The pre-session questionnaire combined with a high level of practise, provided the participants with a level of self-awareness that fostered a shift in behaviour.

The participants, who had previously been underperforming in one or more leadership competencies, were able to achieve promotion at their next assessment centre.

Interact has also delivered Interview Skills, Impact Skills, Management and Non-management skills for the FCO.

Prudential - Momentum Programme


Every year, Prudential provides a leadership programme for the development of their 12-20 future leaders. Participants attended from all over the world which, due to the global mix, meant that the programme required flexibility and relevance for a range of cultures and learning styles.


Interact’s unique approach to developing leadership communication through linguistic analysis formed the basis of the Personal Effectiveness, Personal Values, Influence and Negotiation one-day workshops that Interact designed and delivered.

Our expert facilitators worked closely with leaders to develop their personal brand, helped them uncover the intrinsic value they have within the business, and developed their ability to deliver messages compellingly and with passion. Sitting at the core of this was Interact’s expertise on narrative, structure, tone and body language.


Participants felt Interact’s training formed a key pillar to their development as leaders in the business.

The personalised and interactive methods allowed participants to continue their development as a team, using the skills they learned with Interact.

This 6 year programme has now finished. As a result of it’s success, Interact delivers personal impact coaching for senior Prudential executives in the UK and Asia.