Interact was commissioned by British Airways to train all groundstaff globally. Working with a heavily unionised and globally dispersed team were not without its challenges but the success of the programme saw all UK and US hubs excel.



  1. To transform from an operational industry to an service, customer-led organisation

  2. To introduce to staff new approaches towards customer handling and tackling siloed thinking

  3. To build a ‘one-team’ approach


After a period of intense research and assessment of customer surveys and interactions, there was a gap between perceived customer experience and the reality of the customer service passengers experienced.

Working with stakeholders to create a series of montage playlets, the day began by raising awareness to the reality of how BA customers think and feel about the way they are treated. In breakout groups, teams worked together to build a strategy for what tangible steps can be taken to change customer perceptions. Following this was their opportunity to put their newly addressed values into practice, as well as to create their own BA television advert.

To meet the needs of the participants, Interact mirrored the working shift patterns. Working on a 24-hour system, Interact provided three, six-hour workshops starting at 6am and running throughout a six-day week.


The course surpassed all targets set by British Airways with customer surveys hitting a record high for groundstaff reporting. This approach to training has now been rolled out across UK and US hubs,

Interact created a ‘My Life’ magazine as an internal sister piece to the BA magazine ‘High Life’ as a light-hearted way to ensure the continuation of messages around the importance of excellent customer service.

After the success of this magazine, it soon became the internal in-house staff magazine.